Ariana Grande got a “charcoal grill” Japanese tattoo not “7 rings”, so here are bbq recipes for her

Bbq at Tiffany's
I want it, I grill it. I want it, I grill it.
You like my steak? Gee, thanks, just bought it

Classic basic white girl mistake: go to the tattoo parlor and pick out a tattoo of a beautiful Japanese character you think means “love” but it actually means “mud”.

Turns out one of the worlds biggest pop stars has made the same mistake. Ariana Grande was getting a tattoo celebrating her new hit single “7 Rings” but couldn’t take the pain of completing the characters and stopped. Where did she leave off? With a tattoo that now says “charcoal grill”. Read the full account at EW.

While most people might be disappointed, we here at Newdie Mag would prefer some good bbq over a few rings any day. Yeah. We like to eat and you can’t eat a ring…you can eat nipple tassles though.

What to do when life gives you charcoal grills? Make bbq! Since a tattoo is forever…unlike Sean, Ricky, or Pete, we found several bqq recipes from the great grill makers at Weber for Ariana.

From a low and slow smoked brisket to a margherita pizza they have compiled a list of some amazing recipes that Ariana and her fans can grill for a while. 

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