#Discovuary challenge Day 1: Playing with Balls

Try something new every day and tag it with #discovuary
On day one we played with balls. What will you do?
The #discovuary challenge is open to everyone. Just try something new every day in February (or as often as you can) and post it with #discovuary.

On day one we played with balls…and so much more. We decided we wanted something really big for day one. No, not that. We wanted to go to an amazing art exhibit that combined art, fun, and food (since we are a food website) and we found it!

We took a trip south on the E train from our usual hang outs in Hells Kitchen to visit The Color Factory on Spring Street in Manhattan, NY. We went disappointed.

We were greeted with Mochi ice cream and coat check on a blustery day (both of which were included in the ticket). From there it was full of treats and surprises.

Can I get some mo? -chi

It was a colorful and fun adventure. I chose the color purple through a series of questions as my color. I think it said I chose it because I’m a sociopath… or something like that… I’ll buy it. Interestingly enough, we both chose purple. Two peas in a sociopath pod?

Then came the balls. After not having been in a ball pit since I was a small child I have to say it was both an incredibly fun and relaxing experience at the same time.

#discovuary is off to a great start and we really hope you’ll join us this February in trying new things on your own and using the hashtag. You can win prizes like a comedy album from Laura Sanders.

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