Gettin’ Spicy 3.7249 | Fun Facts About Joshua

Newdie Mag is proud to announce the winner of 2019’s “Most Handsome Eligible Bachelor in America” award:
Joshua shoopman

*Queue cheers and applause* Watch the video above *more cheers and applause*

Now here are some fun facts about our winner:

  1. He was definitely not named the winner because he’s the founder of Newdie Mag
  2. He was definitely chosen by a group of people, not himself and only himself
  3. He was born in New Iberia, La
  4. His dad just retired and got a key to the city, he is very proud of his old man
  5. He loves to travel
  6. His mom makes an amazing gumbo
  7. His zip code in New York is 11106 and in New Orleans it’s 70116
  8. In New York he’s near a 24 hour flower shop, in New Orleans he’s near a 24 hour bar. He’s very appreciative of both.
  9. He does not have a micropenis
  10. He published his first article to Newdie Mag on July 23rd 2018. Read it here
  11. He’s excited for the new Newdie Mag challenge where you try something new every day and tag it with #discovuary

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