Easy Kale Salad Recipe: Go Ahead, Be Basic

Kale Yeah! It's easy too
Kale yeah! This looks good

Are you ready to channel your inner basic b*tch and make an amazing simple kale salad?!

This includes beans and nuts so it’s high in protein, perfect for someone on a diet eating one meal a day or a gym rat or honestly just a rat. Seriously if you have a rat or guinea pig feed them kale or they’ll get scurvy just like a pirate. Now that I think of it, people can also get scurvy from lack of greens just like the pirates, so put down that Big Mac and make this! 

It’s so easy you’ll kick yourself for not experimenting with tahini earlier, it’s easy and has very good fats. I have talked before about good fat, but let’s go ahead and revisit, NOT ALL FAT IS BAD!

I know you’ve been convinced fat of any sort is bad but leave that notion in your closet along with the 90’s and that little blue dress…let’s throw in bangs while we’re at it, those haven’t been hot since Kelly Kapowski.

Nuts and beans have good fat that your body uses very efficiently. I use butter beans in this, both a delightful addition and adorable baby nickname. You can use your favorite nut but I prefer walnuts for this combo. This recipe also calls for chicken and I can’t stress enough how much organic is actually worth buying. So get to making this salad for yourself or your health conscious honey.


-Baby kale

-1 can butter beans

-1-2 organic chicken breasts

-1/2 cup walnuts

-1/4 cup EVOO

-1/4 cup tahini

-3 tablespoons lemon juice

-2 teaspoons Dijon mustard

-2 teaspoons honey

-1/2 teaspoon sea salt

-2 tablespoons ice water


Make the chicken first, simply salt and pepper 2 chicken breasts, cut thin for easy cooking and grill or pan cook in a little olive EVOO. Set aside (hot chicken shouldn’t go on greens because of wilting)

Rinse one can of butter beans and add to bowl. Add walnuts and baby kale.

To make dressing:

Whisk together extra virgin olive oil, tahini, lemon juice, mustard, honey, salt, and ice cold water. Add more water if too thick. Toss salad with as much dressing as you want and add chicken. (Dressing will last about a week)

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