Send Newds (New Recipes) and Win!

Win an album
Win the upcoming album “Immigrant Made” from Gastor Almonte by sending us your recipes

We are looking for new recipes to try out and to share with the world. We are also excited about the new comedy album, “Immigrant Made”, from our friend Gastor Almonte. You might recognize Gastor from when he upped his cooking game and showed you how to make eggs benedict in Cooking with Comedians by Newdie Mag. Watch the episode here.

Just send us some of your favorite recipes for us to use in future articles and episodes (with a shout out to you of course) and you will be entered for a chance to win a copy of Immigrant Made!

To enter just send your recipes (however many you want) to with the subject line “Send Newds”.

As a bonus we asked Gastor to send is one of his favorite recipes and heresent us a Dominican Chimichurri. Check back tomorrow to enjoy! For more information on Gastor and his album visit

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