We love food and it shows! Newdie Mag is happy to announce two new contributors and a new weekly schedule so you can know what to expect and when! Here is an outline of our programing:

Mondays: New YouTube Videos

JR Bruno and Hannah Boone peel peaches for fried eggplant with peach salsa
This is peachy

Every Monday look for us to team up with some of the funniest comedians around and Broadway’s JR Bruno to bring you a new video. Whether it is Cooking with Comedians by Newdie Mag or a Newdie Mag Extras videos, we want to bring the laughs to you to brighten up the start of your work week.

Tuesdays: Joshua Shoopman

Joshua Shoopman eats pasta
Czech out this pasta

He may have founded Newdie Mag on a whim, but now he’s got to keep up with demand. He considers running Newdie Mag to be the best “hobby” anyone could ask for. Newdie Mag founder, Joshua Shoopman, will bring you new articles and recipes each Tuesday. They are guaranteed to be surrounded by bad puns and random facts.

Wednesdays: Megan Kojima

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Who needs men when you have food

An expert traveler who is published in Cosmopolitan magazine, Megan Kojima is the original Newdie Mag contributor (that’s right, the OG, she’s brought you everything laughs from her First Date Follies to scares in Gore-met the Halloween article).  Every Wednesday she will take you on a food journey around the world to experience different cuisines and cultures.

Thursdays: Kimmy Saracino

Kimmy Saracino eats salad to cleanse her soul
Tip: Switch from burgers to salads for instant an instant soul cleanse #namaste

The hilarious Kimmy Saracino of Awkward Cupcakes fame joins Newdie Mag to give us a fun foodie article each Thursday. Trained as a soprano, she has a strong background in musical theatre, and dual-majored in film studies and theatre at the University of Central Florida. With a resume as impressive as hers we are excited to start filming with her soon too. Look for videos with Kimmy on our YouTube channel soon: www.youtube.com/c/newdiemag

Fridays: Caitlin Ruppert

Caitlin Ruppert on the phone
This reception is bananas!

She’s a nanny. She’s a chef. She’s a comedian. She’s a perfect fit for Newdie Mag. You’ve seen Caitlin Ruppert on Newdie Mag before with Bagels and Breakfast Talk, a Newdie Mag Extra. Now every Friday you can read tips from her on how to cook for your kids! If you’re a parent you aren’t going to want to miss any of these recipes and tips.


At Newdie Mag we like to party. We will post the occasional article on the weekends from special guests and contributors, but if we get too drunk you’re going to have to wait for a weekday!


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