Now casting season 2 of Cooking with Comedians

We are excited to start working on season 2 of Cooking of Comedians by Newdie Mag. To see episodes from season 1 click here.

For Season 2  we are going full on Ryan Murphy style and completely changing it up with Cooking with Comedians: Extreme.

Season two will pit two comedians against each other in an epic challenge to create the same dish. Each winner will be chosen by viewers and win bragging rights as well as a chance to make another Newdie Mag video.

Three episodes will be filmed in New York City and three in New Orleans. the filming location in New York will be at 52nd st and 9th ave. The filming location in New Orleans is TBD (most likely in the Mid City) .

Episodes in New York will be filmed late Monday evenings in May and June. New Orleans episodes will be filmed late evenings on May 14th – 16th.

It’s not a paid gig but you get to eat whatever you make.

The episodes and associated challenges are as follows:


Birdbox – Comedians will be blindfolded

Drunken – Comedians will be drunk

Sandwich – Comedians will be “sandwiched” together

New Orleans :

Mardi Gras- comedians will have beads thrown at them and other Mardi Gras surprises

Healthy – Comedians will be running the entire time

Voodoo – Comedians will be human voodoo dolls

Don’t worry. There won’t be knives involved  Everything will be precut so you don’t injure yourself.

Interested? Please send your name, any questions, and links to your stand up to [email protected]