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Comedians Zach Teague and Maggie Crane are back this week to review candy nipple tassels. They moved a little further up the body from the edible underwear they reviewed last week in case you missed it. Will they like the nipple tassels better than the gummy undies? Will they get sick from all the sugar? Why are they so obsessed with edible body wear? You’ll have to watch to find out!


Candy nipple tassels, while not having a documented specific date of invention, are a novelty item that likely emerged in the late 20th to early 21st century. These playful accessories are part of a broader trend of humorous and risqué candy products that became popular in the adult novelty market.

They combine the concept of edible candy jewelry with the provocative style of burlesque nipple tassels. This type of product fits within the context of evolving attitudes towards sexuality and playful adult products during that period.

If you want to learn how to twirl your own nipple tassels, we did the work for you and found a PG (and pretty funny) tutorial for you here.  Perhaps Maggie Crane can get some tips from the video also. Oh yeah, and they spell tassels instead of tassles in their video, so that’s a plus. You’d think we’d have read have spot checked it enough to notice tassles. But no, no we did not.

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