Use an edible nest for your Easter eggs this year, not a basket

Edible next
This is more eggciting than a fancy Easter bon-nest

Holy – very holy – crap; Easter is this weekend! Fudge! …. Or semi-sweet chocolate morsels.

Easter is a time for crafts with the kids and dying Easter eggs. Usually you put those eggs in some basket like they were stolen from the mama bird with no remorse. A basket is a commercialized symbol of “the man” that marginalizes the plight of the the bird; mass-produced in some factory that doesn’t care about your eggs or whether they’re organic and non-gmo. (You millenials sold on dumping baskets yet?) Continue reading “Use an edible nest for your Easter eggs this year, not a basket”

It’s getting warmer! So make chili?

…but keep the chili
It’s  getting close to my favorite time of year. That time of year where we can trade in our jackets and gloves for tank tops and sandals. Swap our snow shovels for sand shovels on the beach.


Soaking in the warmth and laying out in the sun is wonderful which is why I was flabbergasted when my friend told me she would miss the cold weather. Her reasoning? It would be too hot to make her favorite chili recipe.


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I would do anything for…this Meatloaf

Meatloaf recipe
For crying out loud, you’re going to run toward this meatloaf like a bat out of hell








Oh I would do anything for love …

I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that. OK. Maybe I’ll even do that for this amazing Meatloaf. I’m talking about this recipe, not the artist. I probably should specify.  Meatloaf is great but can he compare to this meatloaf?

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Send Newds (New Recipes) and Win!

Win an album
Win the upcoming album “Immigrant Made” from Gastor Almonte by sending us your recipes

We are looking for new recipes to try out and to share with the world. We are also excited about the new comedy album, “Immigrant Made”, from our friend Gastor Almonte. You might recognize Gastor from when he upped his cooking game and showed you how to make eggs benedict in Cooking with Comedians by Newdie Mag. Watch the episode here.

Just send us some of your favorite recipes for us to use in future articles and episodes (with a shout out to you of course) and you will be entered for a chance to win a copy of Immigrant Made!

To enter just send your recipes (however many you want) to with the subject line “Send Newds”.

As a bonus we asked Gastor to send is one of his favorite recipes and heresent us a Dominican Chimichurri. Check back tomorrow to enjoy! For more information on Gastor and his album visit

Ariana Grande got a “charcoal grill” Japanese tattoo not “7 rings”, so here are bbq recipes for her

Bbq at Tiffany's
I want it, I grill it. I want it, I grill it.
You like my steak? Gee, thanks, just bought it

Classic basic white girl mistake: go to the tattoo parlor and pick out a tattoo of a beautiful Japanese character you think means “love” but it actually means “mud”.
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A fintastic fish stew

So sofishticated
It’s fintastic!

I encourage you to get a little freaky with fish for this dish. Too often people are afraid to cook with fish anything beyond some salmon wrapped in tin foil. This stew will convince you to expand your menu rotation. It’ll also teach you to get friendly with your fishmonger, that’s the person who cuts the fish for you, in case you’ve been just calling that person your fish guy. You’re gonna want to work with fish man Mike to find a good piece of swordfish. You don’t need a super large portion, let your fishmonger know you’re throwing it in a stew and see if you can snag a little piece or two. Continue reading “A fintastic fish stew”

Easy Kale Salad Recipe: Go Ahead, Be Basic

Kale Yeah! It's easy too
Kale yeah! This looks good

Are you ready to channel your inner basic b*tch and make an amazing simple kale salad?!

This includes beans and nuts so it’s high in protein, perfect for someone on a diet eating one meal a day or a gym rat or honestly just a rat. Seriously if you have a rat or guinea pig feed them kale or they’ll get scurvy just like a pirate. Now that I think of it, people can also get scurvy from lack of greens just like the pirates, so put down that Big Mac and make this!  Continue reading “Easy Kale Salad Recipe: Go Ahead, Be Basic”

The secret to luck and money this New Year

Happy New(die Mag) Year!

I hope you’re over your hangover and ready to take on 2019 head on. One thing you’ll need in the New Year is money…and maybe a little luck.

Growing up I always dreaded New Years.  Staying up until midnight? Awesome. Fireworks? Awesome. Resolutions? Awesome, until you realize you’re not going to keep them again this year. Continue reading “The secret to luck and money this New Year”