The AHS Coven House was built in 1856

The Buckner Mansion aka AHS Coven house
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Thanks to American Horror Story: Coven this elaborate home with over 40 columns and three ballrooms is one of the most famous houses in New Orleans. It is located in the gorgeous oak tree lined Garden District of the city. It is officially known as The Buckner Mansion.

The home was built in 1856 by Henry Sullivan Buckner who made his fortune from cotton. It served as the Buckner home until they sold it in 1923. After that it became the Soule Business School until it closed in 1983, not quite Miss Robicheaux’s Academy. Rumor has it that the house is haunted, so a bit closer to the series.

Tours of the house aren’t available but if you would like to see this gorgeous home you can find in at 1410 Jackson Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130. For more to do on a visit to New Orleans check out

We answer this panhandle meme

The Oklahoma panhandle meme
Oooooklahoma. I bet there were some panhandlers

Allow us to answer thr memes question…or at least what used to go on there. The panhandle area was Spanish territory until 1821 when it became part of independent Mexico. The Republic of Texas then claimed it when it claimed independence. When Texas became a state in 1845 it surrendered its claim because slavery was prohibited north of 36°30′ latitude by the Missouri Compromise of 1820. 36°30′ became the Panhandle’s southern boundary. Its northern border at 37° was set in 1854 by the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which repealed the Missouri Compromise and allowed Kansas and Nebraska to decide for themselves if they would be slave or free.

For 40 years (1850 – 1890) it was known as The Public Land Strip and most people just called it no man’s land. It wasn’t possible claim land there so squatters populated the area and it was anarchy. Thousands of people came for a basically lawless area filled with moonshine and brothels. One town was called Beer City and was known as “the Sodom and Gomorrah of the Plains.”

George Washington owned and operated a distillery

George Washington owned and operated a distillery in Mount Vernon
By George! I think I’m drunk!

The first president of the United States had a lot on his plate…and in his cup apparently. George Washington owned and operated one of the largest distilleries in the country at the time. It was located in Mount Vernon, Virginia and produced 11,000 gallons in 1799 of mostly whiskey.

Today there are around 2,000 distilleries in the United States and at least one in every state.