Behind the Scenes of Cooking with Comedians by Newdie Mag

They're definitely cazy
Michael Salgarolo and JR Bruno pitch their new sitcom “Crazy Broke Half Asians”

How many New York gays does it take to figure out a pepper grind(e)r? You’d be surprised.

Try a whole room-full, camped out on couches, sleeping on sofas in the basement of a Hells Kitchen condo. Read: things I didn’t expect to see when Joshua Shoopman invited me over to watch the filming of his forthcoming comedy cooking show, Cooking with Comedians.

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A “Beary Good” Roast Chicken Recipe

Make sure to roast your chicken bear before eating him
I’ll be your best friend!

This nightmarish chicken bear went viral not too long ago and he really leaves me (and everyone else who has seen him I assume) with more questions than answers.

Who would make such a thing? Dr. Frankenstein? Will he be reanimated? Will he befriend a small girl? Will he learn the monster mash?

Is he cuddly? Will my kids want one for Christmas? Is this the next Furby? Should I preorder? Is salmonella insurance included?

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Gumbo: The Taste War

Gumbo is the “official cuisine” of Louisiana and down here people take it seriously. Really seriously. There are heated debates about who has the best gumbo and especially who has the worst. Disney was once forced to take down a recipe for “Tiana’s Healthy Gumbo,” which included kale and quinoa after a heated backlash. It didn’t even have a roux (see below)! We will include a few of the memes it spawned at the end of this article.

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