Gettin’ Spicy 2: Revenge of the spice | Poboys

New Orleans is home to the worlds oldest continuously operating streetcar line (and after a night out on Bourbon Street I feel like the worlds oldest continuous partier). The streetcars have been rolling down St. Charles Avenue since 1835. What does this have to do with a delicious sandwich served on a baguette like french bread?

A lot actually.

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Gore-met | A tour of some of the worlds creepiest foods

It's toesen
I propose a toe-st!

Halloween is inarguably the best holiday of the year, so I won’t waste time discussing the greatness that is gathering with friends and dressing as your inner slutty vegetable or dinosaur while drinking fruit punch out of a bowl shaped like a zombie head, snacking on gummy worms crawling through Oreo cookie mud, and walking into a haunted house where clowns wield chainsaws.

What I love about the magical spookiness of Halloween is the ability to escape the mundane world of suits, ties, and human day-to-day things in favor of a mystery; the chance to break free of obligations and become whatever you want to be without consequence. It’s also an excuse to spread glitter all over your date or your new lover. You can wake up next to Batman, or if you’re even luckier, a Spartan soldier. Continue reading Gore-met | A tour of some of the worlds creepiest foods

Cooking with Comedians E2 – Eggplant and Peaches with Hannah Boone

Eggplant ? and Peaches ? have gone together since the dawn of emojis ? , mostly thanks to the body parts ? they resemble. We’ve all sent the flirty ? text or two using these emojis. The only problem is they have never gone together in a dish ?…until now. The very funny ? comedian Hannah Boone teamed up with our Cooking ? with Comedians ? by Newdie Mag host JR Bruno to make fried eggplant ? topped with a peach ? salsa ?.

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The Haunted Kitchen Spooktacular

Welcome to Newdie Mag’s Haunted Kitchen! The Haunted Kitchen is home to lots of bad puns and words with extra letters in them to make them spoooooooky. Now it is also home to the Haunted Kitchen Spooktacular. Watch as JR Bruno and comedian Kattoo King give you pumpkin carving tips while the hideous Haunted Kitchen Ghost shows up.

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The Eggs Benedict Battle – A deleted scene

Gastor almonte gives us the history of eggs benedict in a deleted scene from Cooking with comedians by newdie mag
Historians give credit to two versions of the origin of Eggs Benedict:       

 – Credit is given to Delmonico’s Restaurant, the very first restaurant or public dining room ever opened in the United States.  In the 1860’s, a regular patron of the restaurant, Mrs. LeGrand Benedict, finding nothing to her liking and wanting something new to eat for lunch, discussed this with Delmonico’s Chef Charles Ranhofer (1936-1899), Ranhofer came up with Eggs Benedict.  He has a recipe called Eggs a’ la Benedick (Eufa a’ la Benedick) in his cookbook called The Epicurean published in 1894:

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Eye Scream from the Haunted Kitchen

The eyevil eye scream scoop
Eye’m baaaaack *eyevil laugh*

The ghosts of Newdie Mag’s Haunted Kitchen are now possessing kitchen items. The ice cream scoop is now an “eye scream” scoop and is dishing out bowls of eye scream on it’s own. It’s so scary I’m about to sprinkle my pants.

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