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Here are some interesting things that happened on this day in history over the week of June 3rd:

June 3, 2003:

Martha Stewart steps down as CEO of her company to focus on her legal troubles, giving rise to new leaders and different creative directions. Who would have thought Martha Stewart would be a bad ass who spent time behind bars and friends with Snoop Dogg?

June 4, 1917:

The first Pulitzer Prizes are awarded, establishing a tradition of recognizing excellence in journalism and the arts. Obviously, Newdie Mag will be winning a Pulitzer Prize very soon.

June 5, 1977:

Apple II, the first practical personal computer for mass-market consumers, goes on sale.

Nowadays, just about everyone has a computer at home, and of course a cell phone.

I spilled coffee on my MacBook earlier. Now it won’t go to sleep.

June 6, 1933:
The first drive-in theater opens in Camden, New Jersey, kickstarting a popular American pastime.

I do wish drive in theaters would make a comeback. It’s a lot harder to sneak in booze, hand jobs, and all my favorite movie past times into a real theater. I’m also sure my insurance would balloon if I just tried to drive into one.

June 7, 1979:

The first Sony Walkman is sold, revolutionizing personal music listening and becoming a cultural icon. We also quickly learned we could just wear earphones even with no music so people wouldn’t talk to us. The Walkman was a godsend really.

June 8, 2010:

The video game “Angry Birds” makes its debut, quickly becoming a massive global hit and pioneer in mobile gaming.

It’s even led to Angry Bird pick up lines like, “Will you be my green pig? Cuz I just wanna smash into you”

You turned on yet? Talk about a slingshot!

June 9, 1984

“Ghostbusters” is released in theaters, becoming an instant classic and cultural phenomenon.

…and what do you call a poltergeist who nuts a lot?
A Ghostbuster!

Who you gonna call? The Pulitzer Prize office to nominate Newdie Mag for that joke. I told you we would win one.

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