How did a peach and an eggplant become so popular? Buckle up for a ride through the illustrious history of naughty emojis (at least the way I think it went down):

Ancient Times: The Dawn of Winkiness

Long before smartphones, cavemen scrawled crude, suggestive drawings on cave walls. The ultimate naughty ancient emoji? A strategically placed “stick” figure. Archaeologists speculate these early emojis were used to impress potential cave dates or to joke about the village’s gossip.

The Hieroglyphs: Egypt’s Cheeky Side

Fast forward to Ancient Egypt, where pharaohs might have exchanged playful symbols via hieroglyphs. Picture a cheeky combo of an eggplant (or whatever its ancient equivalent was) and a laughing sphinx. Maybe Cleopatra herself indulged in a little hieroglyphic flirtation.

Medieval Times: Scrolls of Giggles

In the medieval ages, monks painstakingly illustrated manuscripts, slipping in a naughty doodle here and there. These cheeky artworks were their way of saying, “Hey, we’re serious most of the time, but we’ve got a sense of humor too!”

The Telegraph Era: Morse’s Double Entendres

Fast forward to the telegraph, where the innocence of simple dots and dashes sometimes took on a more playful tone. “Dot dot dash” might have been code for more than just “hi”—perhaps, “Hey, you up?” Morse code, the original sexting medium!

The Digital Revolution: Dial-up and Winks

In the early Internet days, ASCII art reigned supreme. Crafty users assembled parentheses, semicolons, and tilted lines into naughty shapes, sending their cheeky art over the shrieking modems of the early web. 8====D~~~

The Smartphone Age: Emojis Take Over

Finally, with the advent of smartphones and emoji keyboards, digital flirtation reached new heights. The once-innocent eggplant and peach soared to icon status, leading the charge in cheeky communication. Suddenly, emojis became a universal language of naughtiness, breaking down barriers and uniting people around the world.

Now the only question is…

What Naughty Emoji Are you?

According to Emojipedia, as many as 93% of tweets using the peach have nothing to do with peaches. Not surprisingly, it is most commonly paired with the the eggplant emoji. Are you one of these? Or another suggestive emoji?

Screenshot 20240411 233532 Chrome

What about the future of naughty emojis? We are already there my friend. Newdie Mag got JR Bruno and comedian Hannah Boone to introduce them IRL in episode of Cooking with Comedians by Newdie Mag.

After a quick scavenger hunt for the correct ingredients, they made an incredible (really, the best thung I’ve tasted from the show) fried eggplant topped with peach salsa. Check out the episode here!

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