Jumping dolphins
? Ladies leave your seal at home cuz it’s 11:30 and this pool is jumpin’ jumpin’ ?

What’s in a name? That what a dolphin calls another dolphin would smell as fishy…probably. (That may be the only Shakespeare reference you’ll ever get on Newdie Mag so savor it). Scientists from University of St Andrews in Scotland found that dolphins have names for each other and respond to their own names. They use a unique whistle to communicate with each other by name. (I wonder if dolphins have their own version of a Karen?)

Dolphins only sleep with half their brain. The left eye is open while the right half of the brain is sleeping and vice-versa. This type of sleep is know as unihemispheric sleep. Sleeping this way allows dolphins to look out for predators and continue breathing.

There are about 40 species of dolphins. Bottlenose dolphins are what people usually associate with dolphins but each species can look quite different. The difference can easily be seen in size and shape with the killer whale, or orca, which is part of the dolphin family.


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