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Imagine your date is hungry and you’re also ready to get undressed. Perfect timing—you reach for your edible underwear. Voilà! Fashion and food in one neat, tasty package. A candlelit dinner can transition to dessert without ever leaving the bedroom…or is it all it’s cracked up to be? 

In between episodes of Cooking with Comedians by Newdie Mag, we had the hilarious duo of Maggie Crane and Zach Teague review another kind of food….and clothing? They learned quickly that edible underwear isn’t exactly leisure wear. Watch as they give you the ins and outs of these gummy undies.

We gave them mens “green apple” edible underwear and womens “watermelon” edible underwear to take for a spin and their reactions were priceless.

Edible Underwear History

The concept of edible underwear originated in the 1970s during a time of sexual liberation and eexperimentation….and we all love sexual experiments. Ask my sister about all the experimenting she did in college. I’m not sure if it was just with underwear though.

It was first created by David Sanderson and Lee Brady in 1975. The invention came to life when the duo, inspired by the burgeoning counterculture and a desire to push boundaries, devised the idea of creating a wearable and consumable item that could provide both excitement and titillation (tittliation, giggles) in the bedroom.

Their creation, named “Candy Pants,” was initially made from a type of fruit roll-up material, designed to be both visually appealing and edible. I’m not sure if they really hit the mark on either of their goals, however. These early versions were not particularly renowned for their taste but gained attention and popularity more for their novelty and shock value rather than as a serious addition to the culinary or fashion worlds.

By the 1980s and 1990s, edible underwear had become more mainstream, often seen as a cheeky, humorous gift or a bachelorette party staple. They were typically found in adult novelty stores and were marketed as fun, flirty, and playful additions to intimate moments. The materials and flavors evolved over time, with some manufacturers improving the taste and texture to make the experience more enjoyable.

Despite its seemingly frivolous nature, edible underwear has had a lasting impact on the market for novelty items and has remained a fixture in discussions about sexual exploration and playful bedroom accessories. While no longer shocking, it represents a light-hearted side of intimacy, where humor and pleasure intersect.

The idea behind edible underwear has inspired other edible intimate products, continuing to fuel a niche market catered to adventurous spirits or whores as I like to call them. But hey, pot meet kettle.


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