“This is humbling”: A comedic review of edible underwear

It’s been two weeks since the last episode of Cooking with Comedians by Newdie Mag, so I guess you’re expecting another episode right now. Surprise!

Since it’s the last episode of the season, we will save Lorena Russi and JR Bruno cooking a pizza until Monday, December 31st. End of the year. End of Cooking with Comedians! You can have a brief moment of depression knowing it’s over before you get s#!t faced and ring in the New Year!

In the meantime, we had the hilarious duo of Maggie Crane and Zach Teague review another kind of food….and clothing? They learned quickly that edible underwear isn’t exactly leisure wear. Watch as they give you the ins and outs of these gummy undies.

We gave them mens “green apple” edible underwear and womens “watermelon” edible underwear. The strangest part is the mens and womens looked exactly the same. But hey, It’s 2019!

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