Tina Belcher Butts Bobs Burgers

So, of allllll the trivia quizzes here you clicked on this one? Got it!

Don’t worry, we’re not judging (too much). Jk. Who doesn’t love butts???

Butt appreciation isn’t new; it’s celebrated in art for centuries. Ancient Greeks and Romans sculpted perfect posteriors in marble. Michelangelo’s David? He wasn’t just famous for his chiseled abs!

Evolution might have had a hand (or cheek) in peoples attraction to butts. Some scientists say a curvaceous butt might have signaled good health and fertility to our ancestors.

Now let’s see how much knowledge is about your butt in your head.

Do you love butts? Take this keister quiz to prove it

Think you’re a lover of the ba-donka-donk? See if you’ll kick this quizzes rear end or it’ll stump your rump. 

Tina Belcher Butts Bobs Burgers

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