Ariana Grande got a “charcoal grill” Japanese tattoo not “7 rings”, so here are bbq recipes for her

Bbq at Tiffany's
I want it, I grill it. I want it, I grill it.
You like my steak? Gee, thanks, just bought it

Classic basic white girl mistake: go to the tattoo parlor and pick out a tattoo of a beautiful Japanese character you think means “love” but it actually means “mud”.
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Discover new things to love with the #Discovuary challenge

Just tag all your new experiences with #discovuary

So this is February, a freaking cold month across much of the inhabitable earth (at the northern hemisphere) but it’s also the month of love. You know, Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14. Liebe. Amour. We all need a little love (OK, a lot of lovin’!) in our life to keep us warm.

This year find new things to love with Newdie Mags #Discovuary challenge. The 7 Wonders of the World — you know, Great Pyramid of Gaza, Lighthouse of Alexandria, Colossus of Rhodes, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, Temple at Artemis at Ephesus (goodness gracious great balls of fire, those words you just cannot spell phonetically), Statue of Zeus at Olympia, and who can forget the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (yikes, no place for rubberneckers) — will pale in comparison to what you might build with your prose praising a fresh new experience for #Discovuary.

Oh, yes, yes, most definitely, do! This has the potential to be a much more fulfilling accomplishment than those 7 has-beens, especially after you fill your belly or your mind with whatever food or experience that titillates you most. The future of mankind and your happiness (and, to a certain extent, your wallet) could revolve like an old vinyl record around your posts. Continue reading “Discover new things to love with the #Discovuary challenge”

Gettin’ Spicy 3.7249 | Fun Facts About Joshua

Newdie Mag is proud to announce the winner of 2019’s “Most Handsome Eligible Bachelor in America” award:
Joshua shoopman

*Queue cheers and applause* Watch the video above *more cheers and applause*

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A fintastic fish stew

So sofishticated
It’s fintastic!

I encourage you to get a little freaky with fish for this dish. Too often people are afraid to cook with fish anything beyond some salmon wrapped in tin foil. This stew will convince you to expand your menu rotation. It’ll also teach you to get friendly with your fishmonger, that’s the person who cuts the fish for you, in case you’ve been just calling that person your fish guy. You’re gonna want to work with fish man Mike to find a good piece of swordfish. You don’t need a super large portion, let your fishmonger know you’re throwing it in a stew and see if you can snag a little piece or two. Continue reading “A fintastic fish stew”

26 Fun Steps To Making A Gumbo aka Gettin’ Spicy 3

Welcome to our third installment of Gettin’ Spicy starring comedian Geneva Joy Hughes. Find the other videos here and here.

Geneva Joy was told by another comedian that he would rather eat her *** than her first pot of gumbo. She took that as a challenge. Continue reading “26 Fun Steps To Making A Gumbo aka Gettin’ Spicy 3”

Gettin’ Spicy 3.5: The gumbo taste test

Comedian Geneva Joy cooked a  gumbo in “26 steps to making a gumbo AKA Gettin’ Spicy 3”. It was her first gumbo and we were all a bit nervous about how it would turn out. Geneva decided to put her gumbo to the ultimate taste test and she invited seven New Orleans area comedians over to try it and give their honest opinion on how it turned out.

DC Paul, Alpha Jo, Corey Mack, Jeff D, De De T, Ashleigh Branch, and Lauren Malara chow down of the gumbo.

Watch above to see how it all unfolded.

Easy Kale Salad Recipe: Go Ahead, Be Basic

Kale Yeah! It's easy too
Kale yeah! This looks good

Are you ready to channel your inner basic b*tch and make an amazing simple kale salad?!

This includes beans and nuts so it’s high in protein, perfect for someone on a diet eating one meal a day or a gym rat or honestly just a rat. Seriously if you have a rat or guinea pig feed them kale or they’ll get scurvy just like a pirate. Now that I think of it, people can also get scurvy from lack of greens just like the pirates, so put down that Big Mac and make this!  Continue reading “Easy Kale Salad Recipe: Go Ahead, Be Basic”

The secret to luck and money this New Year

Happy New(die Mag) Year!

I hope you’re over your hangover and ready to take on 2019 head on. One thing you’ll need in the New Year is money…and maybe a little luck.

Growing up I always dreaded New Years.  Staying up until midnight? Awesome. Fireworks? Awesome. Resolutions? Awesome, until you realize you’re not going to keep them again this year. Continue reading “The secret to luck and money this New Year”