A fintastic fish stew

So sofishticated
It’s fintastic!

I encourage you to get a little freaky with fish for this dish. Too often people are afraid to cook with fish anything beyond some salmon wrapped in tin foil. This stew will convince you to expand your menu rotation. It’ll also teach you to get friendly with your fishmonger, that’s the person who cuts the fish for you, in case you’ve been just calling that person your fish guy. You’re gonna want to work with fish man Mike to find a good piece of swordfish. You don’t need a super large portion, let your fishmonger know you’re throwing it in a stew and see if you can snag a little piece or two. Continue reading A fintastic fish stew

26 Fun Steps To Making A Gumbo aka Gettin’ Spicy 3

Welcome to our third installment of Gettin’ Spicy starring comedian Geneva Joy Hughes. Find the other videos here and here.

Geneva Joy was told by another comedian that he would rather eat her *** than her first pot of gumbo. She took that as a challenge. Continue reading 26 Fun Steps To Making A Gumbo aka Gettin’ Spicy 3