A fintastic fish stew

So sofishticated
It’s fintastic!

I encourage you to get a little freaky with fish for this dish. Too often people are afraid to cook with fish anything beyond some salmon wrapped in tin foil. This stew will convince you to expand your menu rotation. It’ll also teach you to get friendly with your fishmonger, that’s the person who cuts the fish for you, in case you’ve been just calling that person your fish guy. You’re gonna want to work with fish man Mike to find a good piece of swordfish. You don’t need a super large portion, let your fishmonger know you’re throwing it in a stew and see if you can snag a little piece or two. Continue reading A fintastic fish stew

Bell Bottoms: Still Out | Stuffed Bell Peppers: Back in

A healthy twist on an old classic
I’m stuffed!

This is an easy, delicious, and healthy side. At first when I made this I thought, am I a 1950’s housewife?? I feel like bell stuffed peppers went out of style with green Jello molds filled to the brim with fruit.

When I tried my creation, I understood the obsession with these colorful flavor bowls. I said pass me the smokes and paint me with lead the 50’s are back!

Continue reading Bell Bottoms: Still Out | Stuffed Bell Peppers: Back in

Irish Coquito: A Recipe for a Boozy Christmas

An island drink
Gift it…or drink it all. Not judging

Christmas is coming up and for me that means making a bunch of bottles of my favorite alcoholic treat, coquito or island egg nog.  If you have no idea what that is, I used to live in St. Croix in the Virgin Islands and in December every restaurant, bar and island grandma competes for the best recipe. Continue reading Irish Coquito: A Recipe for a Boozy Christmas

Be trendy: Use Cauliflower

It's trendy
Cauliflower rice, rice baby. So good. So good.

OK, so you started dating someone new and they’re (dramatic music) VEGAN! Don’t panic, we’ve got you, this cauliflower rice side will impress any cow kisser.

With no cheese and no meat it’s exactly what you need to go with that slab of tofu and that pile of hot spinach. I actually love cauliflower and this is a great way to work it into a dish with big flavor and little preparation. Both the hearty baby bella’s and the sun dried tomatoes will give it the kick you need to add a little flavor to this new little trendsetter. Continue reading Be trendy: Use Cauliflower

Picky kids? Sneak in some fiber with this hack

Sneak fiber into your kids diet
From rambunctious to regular

Kids are picky, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on all the fiber the rest of us are using to stay regular.

I’m a nanny/chef, a sneaky one, and I’ve found a way to sneak fiber into your kids favorite dinner option. Ready for your mind to be blown? Continue reading Picky kids? Sneak in some fiber with this hack