Sneak fiber into your kids diet
From rambunctious to regular

Kids are picky, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on all the fiber the rest of us are using to stay regular.

I’m a nanny/chef, a sneaky one, and I’ve found a way to sneak fiber into your kids favorite dinner option. Ready for your mind to be blown?

Just put wheat bran in the breading when making chicken fingers! Your kids will be pooping like it’s their job in no time, and you’ll get the sweet quiet of a child stuck on the can.

A lot of kids have a problem being stopped up but hate prune juice. Honestly, who can blame them, but this works around the problem. We’re all just settling for the easy way out. We are constantly shoving pasta, cheese and bread down their gullet but there are consequences to that convenience.

It’s not just chicken fingers you can work this magic ingredient into. You can put it in pretty much anything you use flour to make. Pancakes are a good option too.

Remember, kids are pretty dumb. I mean they refuse to eat anything that’s the color green, oooh, does that Jello come in green!

Honestly, though, I’m telling you they won’t know the difference between bran flakes and breading. I’ve tested it. If you’ve never made chicken fingers you should. It’s easy. The best part is the ones you make won’t be made of pure Purdue garbage, assuming you buy organic.

I’m not saying be 100 percent organic, not everything needs that. Organic bananas are stupid, they already have a Paddington bear-style yellow coat of protection. When it comes to meat, though, and, especially, chicken buy organic!

Another benefit of making your own is you avoid branding. I curse the blue box mac and cheese! I’ve watched the panic form in a parents eyes when they run out of a certain brand or God forbid, try to take their kids to a restaurant. So here it is, the solution to all your problems, except every other problem that isn’t your kid being backed up and picky.

Bran provides hidden fiber
From 6 year old to 60 in no time!


4 tablespoons fine wheat bran

1-2 cups bread crumbs

1-2 cups flour

1 tablespoon garlic powder

2 eggs

Olive oil

Organic chicken


Have three bowls, one with flour, the other breadcrumbs and the other the egg.

Cut the chicken into thin finger like bite sizes. I usually put plastic wrap over the pieces when i’m done and tenderize.

Put the garlic powder in the bread crumbs along with the bran.

Put the chicken into the flour first then the egg then the bread crumbs. While doing that heat up the oil in a pan, you can use other oil I just like olive because it can get very hot without burning. Don’t put enough to drown the chicken just enough so half is covered.

Cook till brown on both sides, then put in a paper towel lined bowl to drain and dry. You can even pat excess oil if you like.


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