So sofishticated
It’s fintastic!

I encourage you to get a little freaky with fish for this dish. Too often people are afraid to cook with fish anything beyond some salmon wrapped in tin foil. This stew will convince you to expand your menu rotation. It’ll also teach you to get friendly with your fishmonger, that’s the person who cuts the fish for you, in case you’ve been just calling that person your fish guy. You’re gonna want to work with fish man Mike to find a good piece of swordfish. You don’t need a super large portion, let your fishmonger know you’re throwing it in a stew and see if you can snag a little piece or two.

You’re gonna want to get uncooked shrimp too, don’t be lazy! Actually again, make friends with your mong…that feels wrong and not at all cool, let’s go back to fishmonger. Anyway, if they’re nice they’ll clean and devein the shrimp for you.

All that’s left is scallops! Keep in mind, you don’t want these to smell too fishy. People think it’s normal for fish to smell like, well fish, but beyond a little smell of the sea a super smelly fish is actually starting to go bad. I’ve actually thrown out shrimp and gone to another store. It’s good thing my job paid for that picky moment.

This is actually a very simple recipe that comes together very fast but will seem impressive. It’s also good for summer or winter, don’t shy away from a good stew in winter. The first time I made this was at work and I didn’t make enough for more than a taste, now I double the recipe so I can get a bowl. It’s important you put the fresh greens in right before you serve it so they don’t wilt too much. Go forth to the fish market and maybe invite your monger over for fish stew if they’re hot!


•1/3 cup EVOO

•4 cloves crushed garlic

•Large can of whole tomatoes

•1 cup clam juice

•1/2 cup dry white wine

•10 large shrimp

Sword fish (small piece about the size of my hand haha so a lady hand)

•15 small scallops

•1/2 cup finally shredded basil

•1/3 cup chopped flat leaf parsley


-Heat the oil in a pot, add garlic on low and cook till you start to smell it (don’t brown)

-Add tomatoes and liquids (smoosh the tomatoes as you add) simmer 10 min.

-you can turn off and prepare the fish or do that beforehand.

-Take the shell off the shrimp and clean if not already done. Dice the sword fish into bite sized chunks but not too small, add all this along with scallops to the liquid and cook at medium heat for about 5 min till the shrimp is just pink.

-turn off heat and stir in Basil and Parsley and swerve immediately (put a hearty bread on the side for dipping)

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