Beyonce eats gelato loving her new diet
Beyonce’s “sugar rush” diet is designed to shock the system into losing weight

You’ve heard of a lot of new diet fads recently, including Keto, where you can eat like a king as long as sugar and carbs aren’t involved. Keto may be for some but one of the biggest stars in the world, Beyonce Knowles, has a sweet tooth! She needs a diet that is quite the opposite.

We have an exclusive interview with world-renowned nutritionist, Daya Bettes, who came up with Beyonce’s diet. Bettes gave us the lowdown on how the pop star is shedding the pounds even at 37 years old.

Bettes explained she tried to get the singer on the Keto diet but could not stop her desire for sweets.

“She would just roll up to a Dylan’s Candy bar and clear out whole sections of the store,” Bettes said, lamenting. “It was so bad that she actually ate all of the candy out of Blue Ivy’s Christmas stocking.”

Bettes knew she had to do something so she came up with the “Sugar Rush” diet  thatBeyonce happily adhered to.

Much like how the ketogenic diet shifts the body’s metabolism away from carbs and towards fat and ketones, the Sugar Rush diet does the same but with much sweeter results. Bettes has seen her clients lose 15-20 pounds in only a week. This is because once the body is used to burning sugar rather than carbs or ketones, it uses that “sugar rush” to burn even faster.

“Lori Loughlin didn’t pay for me to get into USC. I had a full ride scholarship from coming up with scientific breakthroughs like this,” Bettes said.

The best part of Bettes’ diet plan? She encourages alcohol with dinner. “Despite what most people think, distilled liquor has no sugar content, but the hydroxyl and polyol in alcohol can make the body’s absorption of sugar quicken, giving you that hourglass figure.”

“Beyonce called the Louvre to inquire about filming the Apeshit video there while drunk off her ass on this plan … turns out it worked! Serendipity!” Bettes said, happily, taking credit for the video.

Bettes provided us with a sample diet plan so that you, too, can lose weight while indulging!

Day 1:

Breakfast: 1/4 Lucky Charms marshmallows (no cereal) and milk.

Lunch: Two slices of cheesecake with a chocolate drizzle and whipped cream.

Dinner: One pint of chocolate ice cream and two Twinkies and three shots of vodka.

Day 2:

Breakfast: Two scoops Fruit Loops.

Lunch: Two slices of blueberry pie with whipped cream. (Get an easy and delicious blueberry pie recipe.)

Dinner: One-half pound of Kaiserschmarn topped with hot fudge and M&Ms (this is a German delicacy Beyonce discovered while on tour) and four shots of rum.

Day 3

Breakfast: One-half pound of Bananas Foster with an extra dollop of ice cream.

Lunch: One pack of Oreos, a Ho Ho and a Ding Dong.

Dinner:  Large vanilla sundae and six coquitos. (Get a unique coquito recipe here.)

Day 4:

Breakfast: Two slices of lemon meringue pie.

Lunch: Two slices of chocolate cake. (Get a cake hack here.)

Dinner: One-half gallon of your favorite flavor of pudding. Six shots of whiskey.

Day 5:

Breakfast: Eight donuts. (Make your own with this recipe.)

Lunch: One large bag of Skittles and a Snickers

Dinner: One pound of chocolate souffle. One whole bottle of white wine.

Day 6:

Breakfast: One-half cup of pure cane sugar on a bed of Tootsie Rolls

Lunch: Three slices of pecan pie. (Get a pecan pie recipe.)

Dinner: Fourteen Air-Heads and a large bag of sour patch kids. Eight shots of tequila.

Day 7:

You’ll have to wait until next April Fool’s Day to find out about Day 7 (assuming you survived the first six days). That’s right. In case you haven’t realized it by now Daya Bettes is made up and no one would go on this diet, especially Beyonce.

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