Zombie Newdie Mag
Be honest…do I have lipstick on my teeth?
Here’s Newdie Mags founder in a glamor shot for the ages

We’re back baby! Or in zombie speak: “Wor bock babarrrrgh!!!”

That’s right, Newdie Mag has risen from the dead and is completely different! We are hobbling about giving you the most interesting trivia facts we can find. We do it because more knowledge makes your brain juicy and we love juicy braaaaains!

We used to feature fun recipes, food, along with lots of puns and useless facts. We are still going to provide lots of puns and useless facts but we realized we hate cooking! So now you can order on Uber Eats or Grubhub while you learn some trivia. Let the restaurants worry about the recipes.

Don’t worry, if you do want to see some work that we made before the apocalypse it’s all still here. Just scroll past this post and enjoy.

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