I'm drunk now!
Why do people keep giving me this cake?

Let them eat cake!

That phrase has obviously never backfired on anyone ever. Cake is delightful. It is a perfect for any celebration. It can also be used to get just about any message across with a bit of….tact, like these 20 painfully honest cakes.

Next time you need to bake a cake for someone with whatever message you want to give them there’s an easy hack to makes the boxed stuff taste like it’s homemade. You can even lie and say it’s your grandmother’s special recipe. No one says your grandmother isn’t Betty Crocker (You dont have to claim her). We won’t tell if you don’t. Tip: saying it’s your grandmother’s special recipe doesn’t work if you’re serving it to your grandmother.

With this hack, if your grandmother is Betty Crocker then your grandfather is Bill Cosby (You definitely don’t have to claim him). Now, I know what you’re thinking and…no…we are not adding quaaludes to the cake. Please don’t do that.

I wanna be pretty!
How come no one ever gives me this cake?

Just add a packet of JELLO Instant Pudding to the cake mix and an extra egg, follow the directions on the box, and BAM! You’ll be knocking people out with flavor rather than drugs.

Just try to find corresponding flavors. IE Chocolate boxed mix and chocolate JELLO pudding or vanilla boxed mix and vanilla pudding. You can experiment with all combinations if flavors though. One of our favorites is strawberry boxed mix with cheesecake flavored pudding.

After you knock their socks off with this cake (not in a Cosby way) let us know your favorite combinations in the comments!

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