It's trendy
Cauliflower rice, rice baby. So good. So good.

OK, so you started dating someone new and they’re (dramatic music) VEGAN! Don’t panic, we’ve got you, this cauliflower rice side will impress any cow kisser.

With no cheese and no meat it’s exactly what you need to go with that slab of tofu and that pile of hot spinach. I actually love cauliflower and this is a great way to work it into a dish with big flavor and little preparation. Both the hearty baby bella’s and the sun dried tomatoes will give it the kick you need to add a little flavor to this new little trendsetter.

Every now and then there’s a hip food that starts popping up everywhere, these past few years it’s been cauliflower.

Mostly as pizza crust which I frankly think is stupid but as a rice substitute, I can get behind that! Here’s a fun tip for this recipie, go ahead and burn it a little, ok don’t burn it but let it stick to the pan a bit and brown then scrape and stir.

Fried cauliflower is also lovely but that’s a recipe for another day. If you want, feel free to add your favorite spice. If you fancy yourself a curry specialist, go ahead and add some, you wild guy. You
hate curry but you think that weird thing your mom got at the farmers market is exotic and delicious? Go ahead and throw it in.

The good thing about cauliflower is it’s a good base for whatever you want it to taste like, you can also just keep it simple and leave it au’ naturale.

-Head of cauliflower (1) or container of pre-made rice
-2 cloves of garlic
-Handful of sundried tomatoes
-1 container baby Bella mushrooms
-¼ cup olive oil
-Half a yellow onion
-optional (flat leaf parsley. Cumin. peppers.)

Pulse the head of the cauliflower in a food processor after cutting off the stems, not too much or it becomes mushy. Add the oil to the pan then the rice, stir and let it sit at a pretty high heat. In the meantime clean the mushrooms with a wet paper towel (never
wash mushrooms) take off the stem and slice the mushrooms.

Take the sundried tomatoes and cut them into strips. Dice the onion and the garlic should be chopped.

After its been in the pan 10-15 minutes add all the rest of the ingredients and stir.

Let it sit a few times and then stir so some of the cauliflower gets brown. It should take about

30 min, serve hot and garnish with fresh leaf parsley to taste.

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