Welcome to our third installment of Gettin’ Spicy starring comedian Geneva Joy Hughes. Find the other videos here and here.

Geneva Joy was told by another comedian that he would rather eat her *** than her first pot of gumbo. She took that as a challenge.

Geneva enlisted the help of Newdie Mag to document her gumbo. We’ve worked with New Orleans comedian, Laura Sanders, before to eat gumbo but never got to watch one be made. Needless to say we were excited, but a little afraid to try it. Hopefully it tastes better than her ***.

To make the gumbo Geneva sought advice from several locals and got a recipe from a rather famous local Emiril Lagasse. Click here for the full recipe so you can follow our 26 steps 

Scouring Rouses grocery store for ingredients she asked for more advice. We aren’t sure whether or not she scared some New Orleanians with her persistence.

In her journey Geneva learned about the holy trinity of cajun cooking which consists of onions, bell peppers and celery. It is the base of many cajun dishes including gumbo, crawfish etouffee, and jambalaya. She learned a quick trick of just buying the holy trinity already chopped and blended rather than cutting it all up by hand.

To start a gumbo you need a roux. Geneva started the roux with one part flour and one part oil. Then she may have added more flour. And more. And more. And even more to thicken it up.

Watch above for Genevas 26 steps to cook a gumbo and make sure to follow them closely. Want to see how her gumbo turned out? Did it taste like flour? Burnt af? Find out at www.newdiemag.com/taste


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