As I sit here with food poisoning (I won’t say from where but it rhymes with BackConFolds) I am contemplating never eating again. Seems like a great option even though I love food. I feel awful, but I am sure eyeing those M&M’s in my hotel mini bar. They probably cost about $87 though. Almost worth it.

Obviously, a lot of food can cause food poisoning but there are some top culprits that stand out. The biggest is under cooked poultry (I swear I didn’t eat the chicken bear I posted about yesterday). Vegetables and leafy greens are another danger. It’s a good thing I am a picky eater and don’t like my veggies. Fish, rice, deli meats, eggs, and fruit round out the top offenders. I love all of those but thinking about them now is a queasy feeling at best.

Now, for the point of this article, (besides the fact that it gives me an outlet to b**** and moan) is how best to prevent food poisoning. (Avoid arches?) It’s pretty common sense, but once again, b****, moan, b**** some more.

Wash your hands, kitchen worktops, and dishcloths

We need some sanitation in our lives. I’ve seen a lot of you in the mens room (I don’t know about you ladies, but I will not storm ladies room to research this article) leave without stopping by the sink first. Stop that! Also, before and after handling food especially meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables.

Use separate cutting boards

Have a separate cutting board for raw items and cooked items. Still clean them both thoroughly after each use. Along the same lines keep raw meat away from foods that are ready to eat.

Store raw meat on the bottom shelf

Always cover your raw meat and put it on the bottom shelf so that it does not drip down on other foods. Speaking of the fridge, keep it under 40 degrees Fahrenheit and monitor that it correct with a fridge thermometer. Avoid overfilling the fridge, if it is too full air cannot circulate properly and can affect the overall temperature.

Cool leftovers quickly

Cool any leftovers as soon as possible and definitely within ninety minutes. Don’t keep any leftovers for more than two days. I am the worst at keeping things too long, which brings us to the use by dates. When I clean out my fridge I inevitably find something that has been expired for months. Trust the experts on this one and just throw it out even if it looks and smells good.

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