Comedians Zach Teague and Maggie Crane are back this week to review candy nipple tassles. They moved a little further up the body from the edible underwear they reviewed last week in case you missed it. Will they like the nipple tassles better than the gummy undies? Will they get sick from all the sugar? Why are they so obsessed with edible body wear? You’ll have to watch to find out!

If you want to learn how to twirl your own nipple tassles we did the work for you and found a PG (and pretty funny) tutorial for you here.  Perhaps Maggie Crane can get some tips from the video also.

Make sure to look out on New Year’s Eve for the season finale of Cooking with Comedians by Newdie Mag featuring Lorena Russi and JR Bruno making a pepperoni pizza!

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