Every. Cat. Loves. Being. Hugged. On national hug your cat day.

What kind of cat person are you?

People love cats for a myriad of quirky and endearing reasons, often bordering on the absurdly charming. Here are a few:

  • There’s something about that aloof, “I’m superior to you” stare that’s irresistibly magnetic. It’s like having a mini, furry version of a mysterious, high-maintenance celebrity in your living room.
  • Ever tried not laughing when your cat suddenly decides 3 AM is the perfect time for a zoomies marathon? It’s like having a homegrown comedy show on demand—complete with acrobatic stunts and dramatic pauses.
  • Nothing tests your patience like a cat that meows to go out, steps halfway through the door, then changes its mind. Congratulations, you’ve just entered Zen Master training courtesy of your feline friend.
  • Dogs may shower you with unconditional love, but cats? They give you unconditional indifference, and somehow, that makes earning their rare moments of affection a badge of honor.
  • The gentle hum of a cat purring can melt away stress better than a spa day. It’s like having a living, breathing stress ball that occasionally claws your furniture.
  • Who needs fashion advice when you have a cat? They inherently know that black clothes are best accented with a layer of cat hair. It’s the new haute couture.
  • Cats masterfully demonstrate how to take personal space. They’re like tiny life coaches, reminding you to take time for yourself. Specifically, they take your keyboard space when you need to work.
  • What’s life without a little unpredictability? Cats turn everyday objects into booby traps—whether it’s a sudden paw swipe from under the bed or a delicate vase being toppled over. Never a dull moment!

There’s lots of reasons to love cats, but the questions is, what kind of cat person are you? Find out below:

What Kind of Cat Person Are You?

You love cats, that’s why your here, right? But what kind of cat person are you? 

Find meow-t by answering these simple questions. 

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Did you know that June 4th is National Hug Your Cat Day? Click Here for our advice on how to celebrate!

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