The Nightmare Before Easter

Eggs make me sick

One of the scariest days of the year is almost upon us, the day we prepare for by boiling chicken fetuses alive and decorate their corpses’ shells as though they were mere decorations for our amusement, before hiding them from our children and watching them search in absolute futility. The one responsible for this trespassing crime is supposedly a giant, walking, talking rabbit who comes into your house and steals back the eggs while you’re sleeping, scatters them around the house and yard for its own sick pleasure as it watches from behind the bushes while the kids struggle to find them. What a sociopath.

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Tomatina Tommy

This looks very clean
The giant creatures were ruthless
His name was Tommy, and he was ready to fulfill his duty as an officer of a the Red Pulp Army. He was ripe for the good fight, he was eager to prove his worth to his people, and he had just cut his stem into a trendy fringe. 
Tommy glanced at the mirror one last time, his innocence lingering as though it were the only thing keeping him from stepping forth into his destiny. 

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