Boba Tea with…Cheese? Try it!

Drink at a 45 degree angle
Sounds Cheesy

Taiwan has a new trend that the west coast is embracing, and brace yourself: it’s going to sound super weird. But try it, I implore you foodie nerds. It’s breathtaking and has all the makings of a masterpiece.

If you’ve tried boba or bubble tea, you’re familiar with the sweet tea base that is made “bubbly” with tapioca pearls at the bottom of the cup, the top sealed shut with plastic and an oversized straw with a point as the spear to access the delicious combination. Continue reading Boba Tea with…Cheese? Try it!

How to swap snow for sand this winter

Some people might think snow is a gorgeous blanket of peace and calm as it’s falling. The tiny speckled frost kisses gracefully adorn the streets, the grasses are mysteriously hidden, the doggies become frantic with glee as they kick up the snow with their snow paws. What a peaceful wonderland, you say smiling with your hot chocolate in one hand and sweater tightly across your shoulders.

Continue reading How to swap snow for sand this winter

The Newdie Foodie

Talents are varied and some people might be able to play the banjo with their toes, be the next promising candidate for Ryan Gosling’s muse, or maybe have
feet naturally shaped in a point so that ballet dancing is a default method of transportation.

I however, have one skill above them all; Eating With Enthusiasm. It’s a recognized sport between myself and my travel companion to Asia, featured below eating a sought-after pineapple bun. Leah and I teamed up together to become the best Enthusiastic Eaters, refining our taste bud muscles to supplement our previous training when we lived in Seoul as professional Korean BBQ Pursuers. Continue reading The Newdie Foodie

Introducing the Newdie Mag team

We love food and it shows! Newdie Mag is happy to announce two new contributors and a new weekly schedule so you can know what to expect and when! Here is an outline of our programing:

Mondays: New YouTube Videos

JR Bruno and Hannah Boone peel peaches for fried eggplant with peach salsa
This is peachy

Every Monday look for us to team up with some of the funniest comedians around and Broadway’s JR Bruno to bring you a new video. Whether it is Cooking with Comedians by Newdie Mag or a Newdie Mag Extras videos, we want to bring the laughs to you to brighten up the start of your work week. Continue reading Introducing the Newdie Mag team